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Our child is disabled - what now?

"The main thing healthy!" This wish was with you on the birth of your child just as well in the first place, as with all other expectant parents too. The news that son or daughter will be obstructed, therefore represents life only once on the head! Anger, sadness and hopelessness take turns - often, unexpected fear of the future set that erode family life tremendously.

On many issues it first seems to be no answer: What will happen to our child? Will it ever run and learn to speak? Who can help us in this situation and how can we help our child? Where can we turn our worries and questions?

What opportunities are there for us to cope with expectable problems?

we the special situation in which you are as a parent with a disabled child, consciously. Therefore, we want to help you to find your own way into everyday life with your child. We see ourselves in this respect as a guide, answer your most pressing questions and provide where you can get the necessary help tips.